Kenneth Rioja

Research. Data Analysis. Programming.


Hi there 👋 I will be free by the end of september 2024. I am currently looking for a one to six month internship in any of these fields : UX research, Learning Analytics, Game Development, Data Science.

I am an Educational Technology student having five years of experience in a cognitive science lab while mentoring, teaching and writing my Master’s thesis at the University of Geneva. I also completed the common core at 42 Lausanne.

“Focus on data”, some might say. Among these experiences, I have increased university students’ self-reported digital knowledge by 28.7% in one-day by designing interactive courses, one of them focused on data science using R.

If you are here, it is probably because you are looking for someone with experience in research, ux, project management, instructional design, cognitive psychology, coding or data analysis. I would be delighted to discuss with you by email so that we can talk about your projects! (more about me)

I seek to team up with inclusive, talented, creative, innovative and inspiring people aiming for positive contribution to society through digital technologies.
I am very much looking forward to talking with you in person !
Cheers ! ☀️